About Us

SHADKO GBS (Global Business Services) as a provider of various services intervenes in multiple sectors such as import-export, Ocean freight, Business Consulting and Services.

In Canada, our company is a proud partner of MLI Group which is a company which has developed a high expertise in the sector of maintenance, repair and storage of pallets. With MLI Group, Shadko GBS has a washing and personnel management contract for 3 years.

We also offer consultancy services in business development for profitable business and non-profit organizations such as business analysis, strategic planning, business plan and project management.

Shadko GBS proud of its expertise also offers sea freight services to some african destinations such as Matadi or Boma in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pointe Noire in Congo-Brazzaville and very soon to Abidjan.

Shadko Global Business Services proud partner with MLI Group

At MLI Group, we wash, repair and store pallets in our spacious 60 thousand square foot facility in Mississauga.

MLI Group has been in the pallet cleaning business for over 2 years with business growing rapidly!